Financial Updates

Since December 22, 2000 cumulative gifts (and fund income)  to The Legacy Fund General Endowment have totaled more than $948,500.00.

Additionally, beginning in September 2008, the Howard T. Short and Burdette Augsburger Scholarship Fund was established by a gift of more than $350,000.00 from the estate of Burdette Augsburger.


  • Inour two endowment funds, we have raised a total of $1,378,718.30 since December 22, 2000 (in gifts, bequests and income.)
  • We have to date paid out a total of$535,672.74 in grants, scholarships and expenses…with approved future payouts of $30,000 in grants and $12,500 in scholarships still due to be made.
  • As of November 18, 2013, the two endowment funds had a combined current balance of $843,045.58 with approved future payouts of $30,000 in grants and $12,500 in scholarships still due to be made in from these funds
  • We have made grants to 25 different entities and after the 2013/14 grants to some new entities, that number will increase.
  • Since 2010 we have made scholarship awards totaling $68.000 to 16 students at 7 schools.
  • In 2013, we made scholarship awards of $25,000 and organizational grant awards of $30,000.    So, that is a total of $55,000 in grants and scholarship awards just in 2013.  Under our approved “pass through” procedure, there was also an additional $5,000 pass through contribution to KYC made by a board member.

The Board of The Legacy Fund would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals who have generously made planned gifts. These planned gifts are a clear demonstration of the future viability of The Legacy Fund as it continues to increase its endowment and its granting capabilities.  You may see the list of planned gifts on the link titled “Planned Gifts.”

NOTE: To respect the confidentiality of its donors, The Legacy Fund only lists the planned gifts of those individuals who have provided written consent to be listed. If you have made a planned gift that has not been recognized, we would encourage you to notify us so that you may be properly acknowledged. Please notify The Legacy Fund so that we may recognize you for your generous support. A written consent form is available on our website for you to use.

The Board of The Legacy Fund thanks all of the donors whose generous contributions have allowed the work of The Legacy Fund to continue.