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Planned Gifts to “The Legacy Fund” …

There are a number of ways for individuals who wish to contribute to The Legacy Fund.

1. Naming The Legacy Fund as a Beneficiary

A bequest in a Last Will and Testament

  • A beneficiary on a life insurance policy (multiple % beneficiaries can be named)

  • A beneficiary on a retirement account (multiple % beneficiaries can be named)

  • A beneficiary on a financial account (multiple % beneficiaries can be named)

2. A direct gift of cash… or personal property …or real estate.   Click on the “DONATE NOW” button on the The Legacy Fund website…or send a donation directly to The Legacy Fund of The Columbus Foundation at 1234 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205

3. Matching Gifts – Many corporations and businesses match gifts to charitable organizations made by their employees. Other corporations donate money to the charities where their employees volunteer. Some companies also match gifts and volunteer hours made by employees’ spouses as well as retired employees. The company’s human resources director usually has the policy.

4. Designating The Legacy Fund to receive “Donations in lieu of Flowers” if someone dies.   Create a Memorial Designation in that person’s name.

5. Creating a “Memorial Fund” in the name of a loved or friend who has previously died.    

6. Creation of a Scholarship Fund

7. Creating a “Special Fund” naming The Legacy Fund as the custodian or administrator of the grant funds generated by the gift.  This fund can be created through lifetime giving or with after death funding.  The Special Fund would designate funding for appropriate LGBT goals that The Legacy Fund would then carry out.

8. More complicated planned giving (both lifetime or after death) …or annuities … or charitable trusts …or other planned giving strategies…all of which can name The Legacy Fund.   For those individuals with significant resources, there are numerous ways to make lifetime or after death gifts to The Legacy Fund.   We are fortunate to have access to the personnel of the Columbus Foundation who will assist individuals in the planning and implementation of these processes.